Product Lines

Kerr Marketing Agency, Inc. is located in the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Brunswick and serves Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia. Following is a listing of companies represented:

AWWA Check Valves:
  • Lever & Weight/Spring
  • Air or Oil Cushioned
EIM ControlsEIM Controls
Electric Motor Valve Actuators & Network Control Systems
Corrosion Resistant Plastics:
  • Valves: Ball, Check, 3-Way, Diaphragm, Butterfly, etc.
  • Electric & Pneumatic Valve Actuators
  • Simplex & Duplex Strainers
  • Bag & Cartridge Filters
  • Pumps: Diaphragm Metering, MagDrive & Centrifugal
  • Bulkhead Fittings & Tank Accessories
  • Flow Rate, Level & Pressure Instrumentation
Homestead ValveHomestead Valve
  • Lubricated 2, 3 & 4 Way Plug Valves
  • Eccentric Plug Valves
  • AWWA Butterfly Valves
J&S ValveJ&S Valve
  • AWWA Resilient Wedge & Solid Wedge Gate Valves
  • WaStop Check Valves
  • SS Seated Plug Valves
Kerr Marketing Agency Inc.Kerr Marketing Agency Inc.
Valve Actuation Services:
  • New Electric or Pneumatic Actuators - Mounting, Calibration, Testing
  • On-Site or In-House - Troubleshooting, Repair, Start-Up, Training, etc.
Pneumatic Rotary-Vane Valve Actuators
Lined Valve CompanyLined Valve Company
Lined Valve Co. aka A-C Valve Knife Gate Valves
Microfinish ValvesMicrofinish Valves
  • Trunion-Mounted Ball Valves
  • Floating-Ball Ball Valves
Milliken ValveMilliken Valve
AWWA Valves Including:
  • Eccentric Plug Valves
  • Check Valves - Lever & Weight, Flexible Disc, Double Door, Silent
Onyx ValveOnyx Valve
Singer ValveSinger Valve
Hydraulic Control Valves - Pressure Reducing, Relief Solenoid, Altitude Valves, etc.

Manufacturers not necessarily represented in all geographic territories.

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